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Finances - a Christian perspective
What's the "secret" to wealth? This passage promises that when we use our money and possessions in God's service, God will provide more resources for us to dedicate to that cause.


Tithe in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Tithing was the Old Testament practice of giving a tenth of your earnings back to God. Many Christian churches continue to look at this as an excellent guide for charitable giving today.


Firstfruits - a Christian perspective
Christ is described as the "firstfruits" of those who have died and risen again--the first and most important resurrection in all of history.


First fruits - a Christian perspective
Although believers have received the "firstfruits" of the Holy Spirit's presence, they still must wait until the day that their physical bodies will be transformed in the same way that their spirits have been remade by Christ.


The Holidays Of God: The Spring Feasts
The spring feasts of Israel--Passover, Unleavened Bread, Firstfruits, and Pentecost--help paint a powerful portrait of the work of Christ as Messiah, and encourage us in our worship as well.


Bible Concordance :: Firstfruits
The first crops that God's people would collect from their fields and give to God. This was a sign that everything the land produced belong to God (Deuteronomy 26:1-15). In the New Testament, firstfruits is the first part of a blessing that is received as a promise of more to come (Romans 8:23-25).


Andrew Bonar : First-fruits of the Resurrection.
This is a passage about which very little has been written. Commentators seem to pass it by as something very mysterious. But if the Holy Spirit be with us we will find that there is a lesson for us in this part of the Word. 'The rocks rent.' Wherever we read of this taking...