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All In: It’s Now or Never
Watch the All In Video Trailer The book All In along with this study guide and video are an invitation to experience the kind of life God created you to live. You were designed for more than a life of following a few religious dos and don’ts. Your heart longs for more than an hour […]


Fisher of men in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Jesus calls out to Peter and Andrew and asks them to follow him. He tells these fishermen that he will make them both a fisher of men.


"Follow me" in the Bible: Luke 9:23
Following Jesus isn't always easy--in fact, it often requires us to go against the grain of our natural human impulses. The work of loving Jesus and acting righteously is an everyday struggle of denying our own desires.


Lose your life - a Christian perspective
In the Kingdom of God anyone who wants to save their life must first actively try to lose their life. This means that one has to closely examine and get rid of all the sin in their life. By doing this they will find a new life in Christ.


"Take up your cross" in the Bible: Matthew 16:24
The decision to follow Christ isn't something to make lightly--it means "taking up our cross" and committing to follow Jesus wherever he leads.