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No Discount Disciples - #6218
Those who experience Jesus most deeply, most sweetly, are those who walk the way of the cross with Him. Don't be afraid to make the choices for Him that may cost you something. That's what taking up a cross means - expensive choices.

The Reason You May Be Lost - #6212
Right now, God is pulling up beside you. He's waving you away from the wrong way you're going, waving you back to going where He's going. Keep your eyes on your leader, not your goal. Stay close to Jesus. Be patient and go at His pace, in His time. It's actually the fastest way to get where your life is meant to be.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Power Of Your Two-Way Trust - #3947
If you belong to Jesus Christ, you have been called to a similar arrangement - doing things you would never otherwise be able to do because of a powerful two-way trust - you trusting God and God trusting you. In a very real way, everything that matters in your life is riding on your Lord. The size and sanity of your life depends on how much you're willing to trust God for - to hold you up when nothing else can, to steer you right when the way is confusing, to provide for you when you can't see where it will come from, and to equip you to do what you feel very inadequate to do. It's supposed to be all about Him,- not all about you.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Prince Caspian - "Make it Happen" People - #8011
We think we can fix everything, solve everything, plan everything, and make it happen. We were never meant to do that in a life that matters.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Spirituality Oprah Style - A License to Drive - #8008
Children were never meant to drive, and neither are we. And that’s the problem with an awful lot of the spirituality that’s out there.

Matthew 20: 20-34 - Into Thy Word Ministries
Real Greatness is in Serving and Following. This passage is about missing the point. After Jesus explains His path of suffering and the cross, the mother of James and John appeals to Jesus that her sons be given special favor to lead. Perhaps she became fixated on what Jesus taught in...