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Set free - a Christian perspective
Although we might think of life without God as a life free of rules or obligations, the truth is that a Christ-less life is a life in slavery to sin and selfish desires. Christ sets us free from our own sin and weakness.


Galatians: a Bible Study
How can I experience the freedom found in Christ? This study, which covers the entire book of Galatians, will help you see the bondage of man's sinful nature and explain the freedom provided by Christ Jesus--a freedom that will satisfy, when nothing else does.


Freedom From Carnality - Ernest O'Neill
I want to give my testimony tonight because I know that so many people today do not even believe that freedom from carnality is possible. I would like to testify as one who has been delivered from carnality. I want to encourage you that this possible. It is important for you to see at least how one


Setting Captives Free - Sermon Videos
A collection of sermon videos from Setting Captives Free.