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The Character of Cautiousness - Welcome to
Cautiousness is being discerning so we do not rush into things when the timing is wrong, or the situation does not merit it.

The Character of Boldness -
Boldness is our willingness to venture out and do the right thing at the right time, regardless of the barriers or fears we may encounter.

The Character of Availability -
Availability is being willing to adjust our own schedule, agenda, and plans to fit the right desires of God and others.

The Character of Attentiveness - Welcome to
Attentiveness will recognize the value of other people by giving them listening ears, respect, courtesy, and...

The Character of Appreciation -
Appreciation is having admiration for others and communicating your approval to them! It is taking the time to make people feel welcome and special by using the fruit of God’s work in you to...

The Character of Anger - Welcome to
Can anger be a “character?” Yes, when it is constrained! The Bible tells us that it is OK to be angry, but, not to allow it to cause one to sin!

Put Ons and Put Offs -
It is our prayer that these “put on” and “put off” lists are convicting to you, as we all far short (and certainty I include myself). We must strive to pursue excellence in our character that influences our attitude and all we do in life...

How to Build a Good Personality -
Do people treat you unfairly? Have you ever wondered why? Well, we live in a fallen world, and we are all filled with sin. Sin affects our relationships and personality, the way we treat people, and the way they treat us.

Why Virtue is Important and Needed - Welcome to
The Biblical definition of Virtue is, the application of being good from both the conscious will to do what is right from God’s revealed Word and from personal responsibility. It encompasses integrity, honesty, compassion, and endearment and this is the quintessence of what biblical Character...

Holding onto Character - Welcome to
Have you ever wondered why we exalt our Lord’s suffering, yet condemn our own? Is it society’s influence, the fear of pain, the attitude that “I do not deserve it,” or something else? Could we ever truly develop deeply without being crushed?