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How to Avoid a Spiritual Hernia - #6684
Don't get it backwards. You're not the vine producing the fruit. Jesus said, "I'm the vine. All you are is the branch."


Resigning the Air Band, Joining the Symphony - #6512
Serving Christ becomes just going through the motions when we start just cranking it out instead of following the four secrets of fruit bearing: staying clean, clinging, asking, and sacrificing for others. That creates a natural flow of Christ through you, not a busy, but empty performance.


The Painful Road to Greater Results - #6111
Pruning is actually God's loving surgery to let His light go deeper into your life than it has ever gone before. You may not enjoy the process. You probably won't enjoy the process - but you, and everybody else is going to love the results!


Tree and fruit - a Christian perspective
A common theme in the Bible is the idea that people can be recognized by the things they do. While it's impossible to know somebody else's heart, we do know that an evil heart is unable to produce good and loving works, just as a bad tree can't produce good fruit.


Good fruit - a Christian perspective
The things we do are sometimes called "fruits" in the Bible--bad fruits are bad deeds, and good fruits are good ones. Just as you can learn something about a tree by the fruit it produces, so we can learn about the state of our heart--good or bad--by the quality of the fruit that we produce in our lives.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Inc. - Flowers or Fruit - #8280 | Radio Program | A Life That Matters
The pear trees around our Ministry Headquarters really show off in the Spring! They’re covered with these beautiful white flowers. It’s like an explosion of life and color, but there’s an ugly little secret about those pear trees. They’re called ornamental. They don’t produce any pears, just pretty flowers—like lots of people at church every week.


Romans 7:1- 6 - Into Thy Word Ministries
What does the Law have to do with us? Most Christians ignorantly will state that the law has nothing to do with then since they are under grace. But...


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - No Such Thing As Retirement - #3956
It is God's will that you "still bear fruit" in your "old age" - that you stay fresh and productive, not stale and on the sidelines. You can retire from a career. You can retire from a company or occupation, but you can't retire from the service of Jesus Christ!


Fruit of the Spirit
The Fruit of the Spirit is the Holy Spirit, God’s active love and work within and through us so we bear and convey His Fruit. This means we add to as in supplement His Fruit,


Devotions and Personal Growth
If you want to prioritize your life, check your spiritual growth, experience personal revival, or find a guide to spending time with God, this is the category to visit.