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Sad Success - #6547
For 2,000 years, Jesus has been the sustaining fulfillment for millions of us when life's spotlights go off. He's been the one love that's cherished us like no other, to the point of laying down His life so we wouldn't have to die for our sins. Until we commit ourselves to this God who gave His life for us and then rose from the grave to be alive to come into our life, our hearts are, in the Bible's words, "like the tossing sea which cannot rest...there is no peace" (Isaiah 57:20-21 ).


Always Beyond Your Reach - #6114
Celebrate everything you do have. Focus on all the good things your Father has done for you, and let Him turn praise for Him into blessed contentment for you. Because this stubborn push to always get what we don't have - well, it's for babies.


Why "More" is Never Enough - #6046
In Ecclesiastes 3:11, Solomon actually puts his finger on why happiness is so elusive: He says, "God has set eternity in the hearts of men." We're made for something that will last forever, and nothing that doesn't last forever will ever fill the hole in our heart. In fact, we were made for a personal relationship with God, the only One who's big enough to fill that hole because that hole was made for Him.


Tired of Searching, Ready to Find - #6040
The Bible reveals that our heart is searching because we're away from the God we were made for. We were created for Him, but we've lived for ourselves, thus creating an un-crossable chasm between us and the God who made us. Un-crossable except for the cross - the cross where Jesus died to pay for our rebellion against God and make a way back to Him


Fulfillment - a Christian perspective
Jesus came to earth to fulfill the Old Testament prophesies about a Savior. Here, he discusses the coming "fulfillment"--that is, his death and resurrection--with two famous Biblical characters.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Inc. - Unnecessary Darkness - #8242 | Radio Program | A Life That Matters
It’s funny how you adapt pretty quickly to a new normal; like when we learned to live without electricity after a storm. The first day without power, we kept turning on useless light switches. Pretty soon we retrained ourselves; we didn’t bother with trying to turn on a light. A few days later, after we managed to get a generator going, my wife had to go to the other end of the house to check on something. She came back to the living room and said, “I can’t believe what I just did. I walked all the way through the house in total darkness, and I didn’t have to anymore!”


Beautiful Things That Fall Apart - #5830
What Jesus offers is the one relationship - the one love that will totally fill the hole in your heart. It's the relationship with Him that the Bible says you were literally created for. That's why all those other beautiful things ultimately seem so hollow. But that relationship with Jesus is impossible as long as your sin stands between you and Him. No religion can take it away. Only He can because He died to pay for it. If there was any other way, He would not have paid that price.


Stranded On This Side Of the Rainbow - #5707
If you're tired of seeking and you're ready to find, then make this your Jesus-day. He is everything your heart has always looked for and never found - until today.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Wired For Greatness - #8099
I’m realizing that a lot of us ‘Jesus followers’ have a little of Hancock in us; the divine capability to make a much greater difference with our life than we are making and to leave a legacy of a life that matters.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Power of the Name - #3986
There can be decisive power in a name; even power that delivers you from what you deserve. And there is no name with more decisive power in all the universe than the name of Jesus. His name accomplishes things nothing else can accomplish.