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Checking Your Cargo - #6342
What are you dumping on people: garbage or goodies? How do they feel after they have been with you? Do they feel lighter, or do they feel heavier? Do they feel bigger or feel smaller? See, you're giving them what you've been storing up. It's a result of what you've been reading, and watching, and who you've been hanging around with, what you've been laughing at, and what you talk about on the phone, or do on the Internet all the time.


The Servant Has the Key - #6334
In a self-serving world, a servant is really noticed. They're a non-threatening person, and a person can relax then around you. And then you can share your Jesus with them. How do you open up a hard heart? Well, the servant has the key.


The Royal Switch - #6265
You have to put the Bible where the dirt has been. You take a Bible bath daily. You dwell on what you read. You write it down in a journal so you remember it. You use it that day so it becomes part of your personality. There's no substitute for memorizing the Word of God.


Banning the Poison That Brings You Down - #6252
Romans 16:19-20 gives us a powerful plan for living in victory over Satan and the dark side he has used against us so many times. It says: "Be wise about what is good, and innocent about what is evil." Bulk up on what's "noble, pure, right, praiseworthy." And slam the door on anything that portrays or celebrates ideas and actions that Jesus died to destroy.


The Garbage Miracle - #3010
Beauty from ashes - praise from despair - something very special from something very ugly. If you will let Jesus be the Lord of your life's pile of garbage, He can make of it a mountain from which many will be able to see Him.


Dining From The Garbage Café - #5829
If you're wondering why you feel defeated so many times, why you don't feel as close to Jesus as you used to, or why your dark side keeps winning and bringing you down, well consider your diet: what you're watching, what you're listening to, who you're spending time with, or the things you laugh at.


The Oscar Outlook - #5745
When Jesus was born, the announcement was, "He will save His people from their sins." That is all the garbage and junk of our past - the sins that we have done and the sins that have been done to us.