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What does the Bible teach about gender roles?
Many theological issues and questions within Christianity have sparked debate and argument over...

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True Woman blog: What's the big deal with traditional marriage?
Have you ever wondered why God only created two genders? Why not three ... or even four? it wasn't a random choice, but intentional on His part.

True Woman Blog: Wear the Pants MAN-ifesto
Men are not women. They are not genderless. They are not androgynous. They have an innate, God-given bent to initiate and be heroes. They want to untie the world from the tracks of complacency. They want to get their hands dirty. They want to answer the call of manhood. They want to be MEN . . . and what’s more, they want women to be women.

LWP - “Sent to Preach the Gospel”: Christians for Biblical Equality 2008 Conference
CBE conference focuses on the issue of gender and missions, particularly on the challenges Christian men and women face as they work together on mission fields around the world.

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