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Cross-Cultural Generosity
This is a great story via Marko of the community member Youth Specialities: I’ve...

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True Woman: Hilarious Giving, Three Lists, and An Opportunity
I asked God to make me one crazy generous giver, and began to compile my third list: a list of people I’ve thought of giving to . . . wanted to give to . . . but never have. Then, I proceeded to have one of the most fun days ever!

True Woman: Do you have plionexia, too?
It's hard to live where we live and watch what we watch and listen to what we listen to and not covet. We are bombarded with enticements to covet.

Running Out of Ammo - #6079
For those of us fighting on the front lines, it's our responsibility to make every bullet count, to stay on mission, to always take the high road, and put our faith in Jehovah Jireh, not in contributors. And for every one of us, we need to hear the cries from the front lines, "We're winning, but we're running out of ammunition!" Let's throw everything we can into this battle for which Jesus gave everything He had!

Reflecting Christ’s generosity amidst the holiday shopping madness
A short but appropriate challenge to us as we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving… and as millions of shoppers brace themselves for the post-Thanksgiving consumer frenzy.

Generous - a Christian perspective
Generosity and charity are characteristics of a Christian life. Someone who puts those ideals into practice will prosper, while those who live selfishly will not.

Poverty - a Christian perspective
Paul encourages the early church by holding up the Macedonians as an example of a Christian community that, despite its own extreme poverty, was a living example of Christ-like living. They had almost nothing, but were extraordinarily generous with what little they did have.

Generosity - a Christian perspective
Wealth and possessions aren't always meant to be for the enjoyment of the person who owns them. Sometimes, God blesses us with such resources specifically for the purpose of giving us a chance to be generous to others.

Share - a Christian perspective
The wealthy are not condemned in Scripture, but they are commanded to be generous and charitable with their resources. Despite their wealth, they are not to put their trust in their earthly possessions.

"Give" in the Bible: Luke:6.38
Generosity is an important part of following Christ. Here we learn that not only is generosity important for its own sake--but that God's generosity to us is reflects how generous we are with others.

The poor in the Bible: 2 Corinthians 8:1-4
God isn't concerned with the amount of money in your bank account--He's concerned with how you use the resources you've been given, great or small. In this passage, the Macedonian churches are praised because, despite their extreme poverty, they were as generous with their resources as they were able to be.