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True Woman Blog: Girls Gone Wise Intro: A Tale of a Girl Gone Wild
The Girl-Gone-Wild could be the girl next door, your best friend, or the lady sitting next to you at church . . . she may even be you!


True Woman Blog: Girls Gone Wise 1: Have you been swept off your feet?
Did you know that you can tell the difference between a Girl-Gone-Wild and a Girl-Gone-Wise by looking at her feet?


True Woman Blog: Girls Gone Wise 6: On the Prowl
The Girl-Gone-Wild is adept at the hunt. She sets up traps, and then lies in wait--focused and highly alert for prey. She’s fixated on getting what she wants. But her nets ensnare far more than her intended target.


True Woman Blog: Girls Gone Wise 7: The Naked Truth About Clothing
How hot is too hot? How much skin is too much skin?


True Woman Blog: Girls Gone Wise 8: Flirt to Convert
Find out when you should use body language to turn on the charm.


True Woman Blog: Girls Gone Wise 9: Who Wears the Pants?
Anything guys can do, girls can do better. Right? Well maybe-maybe not. But according to the Bible, roles aren’t based on who’s more capable or competent, or whose turn it is, or who wants to have a go at it.


True Woman Blog: Girls Gone Wise 14: Shop till you Drop
"Wild Things" are intent on filling their homes and closets with designer-label fashion and all sorts of beautiful things—but if you’re smart, you’ll set your heart on getting so much more!


True Woman Blog: Girls Gone Wise 16: Cross Your Heart
Does it surprise you to know that a woman who willingly forfeits gratification can be infinitely happier than the one who insists on her right to indulge?


True Woman Blog: Girls Gone Wise 17: Sweet Talkin’ Woman
She was a sweet-talkin' woman. She knew how to turn on the charm, butter him up, and get him to do her bidding . . .


True Woman Blog: Girls Gone Wise 18: The Company You Keep
The Bible says that bad company ruins good morals. Do you and your friends influence each other negatively or positively?