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Talking to Tween Girls About Puberty
I stood in the bathroom brushing my daughter’s hair as I had a hundred other times, but today seemed to be different. I noticed she was taller as I no longer had to look down while brushing her long brown waves. And maybe she was leaner too. She asked me to braid her hair so […]


Lit Up From the Inside - #6552
If you're a woman, why not begin a beauty treatment on the inside? Let Christ do a makeover; He's good at those. And let His radiance and His magnetic glow come through you. You'll be a solid gold woman, beautiful, not because you're made up on the outside, but because you're lit up on the inside.


How a Girl Becomes a Princess - #6429
God says when we open up our life to Jesus as our only hope, we get born into His family. This birthday could be today for you; the day you are born into God's family. There ought to be a time you can know for sure that you have begun a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


Romancing Hollywood Nobody: lisa samson
Romance in the Highlands when a couple of cute guys in kilts look their way. The search takes them deep into mob territory, where someone will go to any length to keep the past a secret.


Harsh Pink: Melody Carlson
Harsh Pink Color Me Burned Fit in at her new high school. Cheeleading. Popular.


Hollywood Nobody: Lisa Samson
Hollywood Nobody Overcoming Identity Issues Discovering God and Relationships in Life


Princess and the Kiss
Is it possible to raise pure daughters in today's culture? Nancy talks with several moms who are doing just that with the help of The Princess and the Kiss. Learn how to help your own "princess" understand true love and purity.