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Unsurprisingly, there are a range of opinions on how Christians should handle giving. Some think...

Should Christians support only Christian charities?
I recently heard an interesting statement from a pastor regarding charitable giving. He explained...

Giving Away 600 Billion Dollars
Recently, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett have gone on a mission to convince wealthy people to give...

Do you give charity without strings attached?
For such a simple-sounding task, giving away money sure can be emotionally complicated. A...

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If you're like most people, whenever your income increases you start dreaming about the...

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The Harvest of Doing Good - #5888
Give a gift when there's no occasion for your appreciation but just the person himself. Send those thank you notes. Give that compliment; that word of encouragement. Use the money that God's entrusted to you to lift people's burdens and people's spirits. Don't be afraid to be generous. After all, Jesus said, "You lose your life by trying to hang onto it, but you find your life by giving it away."

Grace abound - a Christian perspective
Paul tells the Corinthians that they should give as their hearts determine. He says that God loves a cheerful giver and that God's grace will abound on all who give freely.

First day of the week in the Bible - a Christian perspective
In Paul's first letter to the Corinthians he gives them some advice on giving, saying that they should set aside a sum of money on the first day of the week each week so that when he came to collect there would be no problems. He wasn't just collecting this money for himself, but also for other projects and people.

"Give" in the Bible: Luke:6.38
Generosity is an important part of following Christ. Here we learn that not only is generosity important for its own sake--but that God's generosity to us is reflects how generous we are with others.

Kindness in the Bible: Deuteronomy 22:1-4
There's more to living righteously than just believing the right things. This passage encourages us not to passively sit by in the face of need, but to actively get out there and help those who need it. Whether it's a neighbor who needs a hand or a relief project across the world, we're called to actively work to help others.

Christian giving in the Bible: Matthew 6:1-4
Generous giving should be part of any Christian's life. But this passage cautions believers to give quietly and without making a big deal of it--charity and giving should be acts of spiritual service, and shouldn't be done to feed our own egos or broadcast our wealth and generosity to others.

The Teething of Tithing - Into Thy Word Ministries
Stewardship Part 3. Learning What It Means to Give “Cheerfully.” How do you feel when churches, ministries, or even missionaries seek you, asking for funds? Does it give you a toothache?

Biblical Stewardship - Into Thy Word Ministries
Stewardship Part II. Are you giving what’s right, or what’s left? Last time, we looked at what God calls us to concerning Stewardship. We learned that everything belongs to Him, and that we are the caretakers of His property. As Christians...

Understanding Stewardship - Into Thy Word Ministries
What does stewardship mean to you? There are two words that send the average congregation and common churchgoer into fear and panic, from the leadership and pastorate, that fears to offend or drive people away, convicted, lest...

When Should We Give? | Think Christian
When should we give? Is giving more important than taking care of our own debts?