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Today's Devotional: Good Intentions Are Not Enough
Has God ever rebuked you for defending or serving Him? You might have had the best of intentions,...

Today's devotional: should you look inside or outside to find God's will?
"How can I know God's will for my life?" Every Christian has asked that question at some point....

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God's will in the Bible - a Christian perspective
What does God want from us? He wants us to be sanctified--to be transformed into reflections of Christ here on earth. One way we move toward sanctification is by asking God to help us avoid any kind of sin or immorality in our lives.

Will of the Father - a Christian perspective
What does God want? He wants people to turn to Him in repentance, and accept the forgiveness that He offers through Jesus Christ. Knowing God's will is as simple as that.

Accidentally on Purpose - #5865
Knocked from his horse, blinded, totally dependent - that's what it took to get Saul to turn to Jesus. It takes much the same for many of us to finally get us to come to Jesus in total dependency; getting knocked off our high horse, facing a situation we can't handle, we can't fix, we can't solve. If you've hit something that hurts, or something has hit you, it may very well be the way God is using to get your attention.

Devotional : God In the Driver's Seat
It's vital to our relationship with God that we learn to ask for help, relinquish control and surrender to His will in everything we do. This devotional looks at some practical ways we can do this every time we have a decision to make.

Live Your Calling: A Practical Guide to Finding and Fulfilling Your Mission in Life
This book will be a terrific resource for you if you are seeking to find direction in your life, and/or if you are in a helping profession. (Live Your Calling includes a detailed 12-week small group guide, making it a perfect choice for small groups and classroom use.)

1 Peter 4: 1-11 - Into Thy Word Ministries
We Are To Have the Attitude of Christ! Are you chasing your desires or our Lord? The answer to this question will determine what direction in life you go as well as if, when, and how sin will entice you to fall!

Seeking God's Will: Dudley J. Delffs
Seeking God's Will. Decisions, decisions! What is God's plan? This study will help you learn to discern. HOW DO YOU KNOW IF YOU'RE LIVING IN GOD'S WILL?

God's Will
Search the Bible for the phrase "God's Will".

Proverbs: Ron Rhodes
Proverbs A Life-Changing Encounter with God's Word More than just clever sayings, the proverbs teach how to live life. Apply them to yourself through this study.

1 Samuel: A Life-Changing Encounter with God's Word. Wayne S. Nelson
1 Samuel - Old Testament history is anything but dull. This study makes Samuel, Saul, and David come alive! Moral corruption. David, the man after God's own heart.