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Great love in the Bible - a Christian perspective
God loves us with the same intensity and devotion that a father shows to his children. In fact, God invites us to become part of His family, and to be His spiritual children.


Seen the father - a Christian perspective
Jesus followers asked to see God--not realizing that Jesus was himself God, and that they had been walking and talking with God ever since they first met Jesus. Jesus affirms here that his words and actions are those of God Himself.


Abba - a Christian perspective
One of the most amazing aspects of the Christain faith is God's adoption of us as His children. As His children, we have the right to call him "Abba"--father.


Discipline in the Bible: Hebrews 12:1-12
Not all of the trials we face in life are evils that we should seek to avoid. Sometimes, God is using life's challenges to discipline and strengthen us, as a father does to his children. When difficulty strikes, we should prayerfully consider whether it's something God might be using to strengthen your faith.


"Father" in the Bible: Romans 8:15
Key to the Christian faith is the belief that, when we're saved by Christ, God embraces us as His children. Not slaves to be abused and bossed around; not servants who must obey or be dismissed. Rather, God gives us the privilege of calling Him our Father. Consider a father's love for his children--and how much greater is God's love for His children.