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Ungodly in the Bible - a Christian perspective
God takes wickedness and righteousness very seriously, as described in this passage. God did not hesitate to punish those who deserved it; but He also acted decisively to save those He loved. We can trust that God knows what He's doing when He offers free salvation to us.

"Godly" in the Bible: Psalm 4:3
According to the psalmist, God has set the godly apart for himself. Because of this, God will listen to the Godly when they call out to Him.

The Practice of Godliness: Jerry Bridges
Character is sadly lacking in our society today—and in the church. Here's a foundation to build on.

George Whitefield : An Exhortation to the People of God
When we consider the persecutions they are exposed to, who live righteously and godly in this present world; it is amazing to consider, that the people of this generation should be so fond of a name to live, while they are in effect dead. The people of God are to expect... audio sermons: Godly Music
Download Free Godly music from over 100's of titles. Great hymns to inspirational singing there is much to choose from here. 100's of hours of edifying listening quality music.