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Gold and Silver - a Christian perspective
God owns the earth and all that it is in. He declares in this verse that the silver and gold is His.


Pure gold - a Christian perspective
When Christians suffer for their faith, they should understand their trials as a refining fire--painful at the time, but something they'll emerge from even stronger than before, just as gold must go through the fiery process of refinement before it's fully presentable.


Jewel in the Bible - a Christian perpspective
This verse in proverbs wisely states that lips that speak knowledge are like a rare jewel. Gold and rubies are abundant compared to the person who is full of knowledge.


Gold in the Bible: Job 23:10
Job, who has suffered much, here expresses his faith that once he has passed through the "tests" that he is being subjected to, his true character will be revealed, just as you might perform tests on a mineral to find out if it really is gold.


Spiritual Wealth And Victory by Zac Poonen
The Word of God is likened to wealth in Psalm 119:162 - or to gold, as in other passages of Scripture. Money cannot make you truly wealthy. You may acquire qualifications which give you great earning power and thus may reach a position where you can earn plenty of money; but that will give...