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Book review: Out of the Saltshaker - and into the world, Rebecca Pippert
Pippert’s classic has been radically updated and expanded in this new edition. It goes to the heart of what evangelism should be: not something we do, but a way of life. She wants us to laugh at her mistakes, identify with her failures, and find out how to really be salt in the world. Practical, deep, insightful angles on any form of evangelism.

Book review: Permission Evangelism - When to Talk, When to Walk, by Michael L Simpson
What is ‘permission evangelism’? It doesn’t mean we can only evangelize those who want to be evangelized! Instead, it demonstrates how to connect with non-Christians, and use an approach which aims to lead them into giving us permission to offer progressively more information about the Gospel in an appropriate way.

Mobile phone evangelism using cell phones and other mobile devices: Christian outreach strategies
With approaching 4 billion mobile phone users, we have a unique opportunity to share the good news in a variety of ways.

Using Twitter for online Christian evangelism and outreach
Twitter’s main use, in a Christian context, is sharing ideas relating to Christian ministry or personal news. For more on this, and a detailed explanation of Twitter, go here. Of course, to the extent that not-yet-Christian friends may see our tweets about anything, we should be that gracious fragrance spoken of in 2 Cor. 2:15. However, it also offers remarkable options for direct evangelism too. Here are several opportunities...

Lost in Our Language - #6057
The spiritually dying people around us hear us Christians announcing our all-important message, often in words they don't understand. We have life-or-death information that their eternity depends on. We can't afford for them to get lost in our language, or they may be lost forever.

Life-Saving Teamwork - #3722
God has made each of us who know Him both rescuers and the enablers of rescuers. There are some lost people God has positioned you to help go to Heaven. And He has given you resources to enable some of those He's called to put their whole life into His rescue mission. According to Philippians 4:17 , when you give to keep them on the front lines, their fruit will be "credited to your account" in Heaven.

Turning Lights Green - #5892
Where are the people you need going to come from? He's already getting them ready for you and you ready for them. How are you going to get over the huge obstacles that are in the way? The God who parts Red Seas is going to make the way for you. How can you possibly do this thing when you are so flawed, so inadequate, so ordinary? Since when is this about what you can do? With God's assignment always comes God's enabling!

"Good news" in the Bible: Mark 16:15-16
What is the "good news" that Christians talk about? It's summarized in these two verses: that whoever believes in Jesus will be saved. This is the heart of the Gospel message that Christians are called to preach.

Feet in the Bible: Isaiah 52:7
There's nothing so beautiful as the bearer of good news. And what news could be better than that God sent his son to die for our sins, to restore us to a right relationship with Him? This prophetic passage from Isaiah has become well-known through songs and sayings.

What is the Gospel? - Faith Facts
Because there is some confusion about what the term Gospel means, let's look closer at its use in the Bible. Is the Gospel the same in the Old Testament as in the New Testament? Why is it important? Look at what the Gospel is NOT. What is the "good news"?