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True Woman Blog: Watch Out--Katie's Choosing Gratitude!
“Even though I’m in the 'Terrible Two’s' phase of this whole thing—the phase where I whine and complain and bark out all kinds of untrue Me Me Me commands when I don’t get my way, I can already see the Holy Spirit at work."


Your Invitation to Transformation
A grateful spirit will radically impact how you view and respond to everything in your life!


Things to Be Thankful For
Ann Landers shares a letter she received, giving thanks for things you wouldn't normally be grateful for. This fresh perspective will make you smile and will give you plenty of reasons to give thanks.


The Attitude of Gratitude
You’ll be surprised to discover what is at the heart of so much of people’s gloom, despair, and despondency.


Growing in Gratitude: A 30-Day Challenge
Cultivate a heart of gratitude and begin your 30-day journey to joy!


Gratitude: The Attitude that Transforms
Embrace the attitude of gratitude and discover that the world looks different through the eyes of thankfulness.


Choosing Gratitude Discussion Guide
Download this discussion guide to help you lead the women in your church or small group through a meaningful discussion of each chapter of Choosing Gratitude.


An Interview on Gratitude with Barbara Rainey
Nancy interviews Barbara Rainey, author of Thanksgiving: A Time to Remember. Barbara shares about her life and about the importance of cultivating an atmosphere of thankfulness.


A Week of Thanksgiving
Developing the habit of thankfulness may require some practice! Here are some practical suggestions for devoting one week to practicing thankfulness.


Revive Our Hearts: The Attitude of Gratitude
Are you a grateful person? What difference does gratefulness make? Nancy explains how your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being and your relationships are affected by whether or not you have a grateful heart.