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True Woman: Do you have plionexia, too?
It's hard to live where we live and watch what we watch and listen to what we listen to and not covet. We are bombarded with enticements to covet.

"Love of money" in the Bible: 1 Timothy 6:10
Although this verse is frequently misquoted as "Money is the root of all evil," the verse actually teaches that love of money--greed--is the sin, and an impulse that lies behind much wickedness throughout history.

Possession in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Money and possessions aren't everything. We're repeatedly cautioned in the Bible to avoid greed and envy. This verse teaches that there's much more to life than simply gathering up as many toys as possible.

Greed in the Bible: Luke 12:14-21
Greed--an insatiable desire for wealth and earthly possessions--is condemned repeatedly in the Bible. In this vivid parable, Jesus reminds us that we "can't take it with us," describing a rich man whose vast horde of wealth did him no good when he died.

"Soul" in the Bible: Matthew 16:26
"You can't take it with you"--that's the message of this famous saying, which reminds us that all the wealth in the world won't do any good if you haven't attended to the needs of your soul.

2 Peter 2: 1-3 - Into Thy Word Ministries
The Problem of False Teachers! We are living in a time where the pulpits and airways are filled with impiety, licentiousness, vain prophesies that do not come true, and shameful counterfeit truths by false teachers and...

Romans and Gratitude - Into Thy Word Ministries
When you cut into your turkey this Thanksgiving, is it the prayer of thanks that is motivating you, or the greed of the feast?

Higher Stakes gamblling course at Setting Captives Free
Find complete and lasting freedom from gambling, betting and greed, and find the true joy and delight that comes from turning to Jesus Christ. Free Bible course.

Bible and Money
Free collection of Bible verses on personal money management, including investing, saving, giving and spending. Also Bible Studies on money and other resources coming!