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Not recognizing our talent in Christian ministry
While it is scarily true that we don't often recognize our own faults, and "we judge ourselves by our intentions, and others by their actions", it can also happen that we may not recognize our own talents either.

Build effective church websites that reach the community
Without a website, a church is effectively invisible. With a website, you potentially create a shop window for the community to peer through. What is on display, especially 'near the glass', is very important.

Give the Medicine Some Time - #6430
Don't try to make that loved one take a whole bottle of spiritual medicine all at once. Lovingly give a dose of truth, and then back off and let God grow it. Give the medicine some time.

'Did you know' video clip of digital communication trends
'Did You Know' videos have been a challenging overview of the effects and challenges of digital communication for several years. You can download this latest video for seminars and meetings.

Digital Rivers Newtown - a short story illustrating the growth of social networking
It’s not often that a completely new town is built on unused open land. But that’s where Digital Rivers Newtown was constructed, in a previously undiscovered valley. People soon came flooding in to live, moving from surrounding settlements such as Printville and TVtown.

How people become Christians: Gray Matrix explains spiritual journey of conversion, salvation + growth
Engel promoted a revolution. Not Engels the Marxist thinker, but James Engel the missiologist. He first outlined what has become known as the 'Engel Scale of Spiritual Decision'. This describes the way in which an individual, or by extension a whole group, progress in their understanding of the Gospel, as God's sovereign grace begins to illuminate their hearts. By understanding the way God communicates, we can become better co-communicators.

Book review: Growth by Accident, Death by Planning, by Bob Whitesel
We believe that the Web has enormous potential in facilitating church growth. But a church which does not understand the spiritual dynamics of growth may fail to grow despite an apparently good evangelistic program. Bob Whitesel is a church doctor/consultant. There are very few people with his sort of ministry.

Growth - a Christian perspective
This passage suggests that Christians have a lot of growing and maturing to do, even after they accept Christ. Once we accept Christ we have salvation; but we ought nevertheless to continue to learn more about God and put into practice what we discover.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Inc. - Painful Process, Beautiful Result - #9199 | Radio Program | A Life That Matters
My wife and I were able to be there for the birth of our new grandson. It was exciting, but not as exciting for our daughter-in-law. I was just outside when our little guy arrived, and it was clear even from there that it was a painful and intense delivery—which I think is the only kind there is. It didn’t come as a surprise to our daughter-in-law. She did this before two years ago when she had our granddaughter. But knowing how painful it was going to be, she did it again, and millions of women have. And the lesson of childbirth might be just some encouragement to you right now if you’re trying to understand what God’s doing in your life right now.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Value of a Virgin - #8110
There are certain kinds of people that are increasingly rare in our permissive culture. Like virgins, for example. Now the Inventor of sex has made clear how His awesome gift is supposed to be handled.