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Poison in the Water - #6627
I can't be watching or listen to a portrayal of something God is against. Stand back and maybe you'll see how you have kind of dozed off mentally and spiritually. The guard went to sleep! The guard needs to wake up and say, "Hey, no! You can't come into this mind; you can't come into this heart."


"Stand firm" in the Bible: 1 Corinthians 16:13
Paul exhorts Christians not to waver in their faith, but to stand firm in their belief. The Christian life is characterized by courage and faithfulness.


Peace of God - a Christian perspective
God's peace is beyond our ability to understand--it's more meaningful and complete than any other peace humans can know. In this passage, God promises to fill our hearts with that peace if we believe in Him.


Rear guard in the Bible - a Christian perspective
God supports and protects His followers. Here, he promises to serve as our "rear guard"--to protect us from attacks where we are most vulnerable.


Guard - a Christian perspective
God promises to protect His people, in this case by sending his angels to guard them from harm.