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Life in the Backwards Seat - #6691
You may be at a point where you're ready for a new beginning - where the hurts and the failures of the past no longer will define who you are. That is when it's time for Jesus, who died for all the sin and all the hurts of the past.


Good Wood - #6657
The fire turns spiritual wimps into spiritual warriors. So, rejoice as you see what you are becoming or can become through heat-treating, and only through heat-treating. You are becoming a heavy hitter in the hands of Almighty God.


Healing in the Bible: Psalm 103:1-22
David's famous psalm of praise, highlighting among other things God's eagerness to heal and restore His people. We learned that God can forgive all our sins and heal all our diseases--something we can find great reassurance in, whether we're struggling with a spiritual problem or a physical one.


Peter Heals a Lame Begger
From Acts 3:1-10