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Father's Day Celebration at Peggie's Place - PapaQuest!
Looking for the perfect Dad? Not found on THIS earth.....but Your Heavenly Father awaits to show you His love - unfailing, forgiving and faithful!


Unseen, Unbeatable Security - #5953
No more fear of abandonment. No more fear of the unknown. No matter how dark, no matter how lonely, you will have a Father watching over you who has promised He'll never leave you. For all the days of your life, for all eternity, you'll be safe.


Be perfect - a Christian perspective
In Jesus' sermon on the mount, he told us to be perfect just as our heavenly father is perfect. It seems like an impossible standard to uphold until we know that our perfection is obtained through Jesus' perfect sacrifice.


Hitting Pause - #5881
It's possible that God's been trying to say some very important things to you, things that would bring sense to your swirling world, but you can't hear Him because you're running so fast. Whatever the reason for your non-stop pace, I know there has to be someone listening right now to whom God is saying, "It's time to hit 'pause.'" Don't ignore His call to "be still and know that He is God."


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Olympic Endurance - #8050
You know I have a father like that. So do you, if you belong to Jesus Christ. Now right now you may be wounded; you’re finding it hard to go on. You feel like giving up on a life that matters. You need to hear your Father’s promise.