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Today's Devotional: Can't Cover Up
Have you ever felt so guilty about a sin that you've tried to cover it up? This devotional...

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Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Always Caught - #5062
The fact is when it comes to people catching us, we often do get away with sin. Your parents may never find out, your mate may never know, your boss may never catch you, your friends may never find out, or your pastor, or your congregation. It sets you up with the myth that you're getting away with it. Nobody ever gets away with a sin. The bill may be delayed, but the bill always comes. Adam and Eve's death sentence came later, but it came. Postponed judgment never means judgment has been canceled.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Futility of Running Away - #5096
He died in your place to pay for the sins that you would otherwise have to pay for eternally. And now He's pursued you to wherever you are today. You can walk away or run away again, I suppose, but He'll keep pursuing you to rescue you until the day you run out of time. Some day will be your last day to get ready for God before you meet God. But for now, His arms are open, inviting you to come home to the One you were made for.