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Today's devotional: acknowledging the "otherness" of God
God is pretty familiar to us today. We hold casual conversations about Him; we attach his name to...

Today's devotional: are you a Pharisee?
Have you ever been called a "Pharisee"? I hope not—it's a term deeply associated with...

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Matthew 11: 20-30 - Into Thy Word Ministries
The God Who Judges, the God Who Holds Us! God is a God who gives us grace, comfort, and rest, yet is also a God of judgment. All too often we forget His holiness, righteousness, and right to judge. We forget we are responsible for our actions. We just go on with our meager lives...

Matthew 5: 21-26
Beware that Anger Kills! This passage starts a series of applications from Jesus’ introductory remarks in Matthew 5:17-20. Because God’s law is a reflection of God’s purity and holiness, and because He is a God of details, He gives us specific issues that...

Matthew 5: 17-20
Jesus fulfills the Law on our behalf. The Law is a reflection of God’s purity and holiness. He is perfect and calls us to be like Him and do as He does. But, in the history of humanity, because of our fallen nature, we are unable to be perfect and follow the Law.