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Lausanne World Pulse - Responding to HIV/AIDS “As You Go”
While there is a need for many Christians to undertake HIV/AIDS as a life calling, it is equally crucial that large numbers engage the pandemic where they are at now.


Lausanne World Pulse - HIV/AIDS and Holistic Evangelism: The Challenge for the Church
Reaching out to individuals with AIDS requires love and action.


Lausanne World Pulse - Drugs Don't Cure Leprosy
Many who have received the cure for leprosy must still deal with the stigma of having the disease. Current and former patients still suffer discrimination, marginalization, ostracism and sometimes outright cruelty.


Lausanne World Pulse - Bringing a Relevant and Holistic Message of Hope to a Broken World
A Case Study in Uganda: New Life Center in Kitgum, Uganda, provides holistic development and psychosocial support to formerly-abducted child mothers and their children.


Lausanne World Pulse - Theological Reflections on the Christian Humanitarian Response
There are a number of theological themes that must be kept in mind as we explore the Christian response to humanitarian crises: Hospitality, Charity and Solidarity, Faith and Love, and True Humanitarianism. By Bryant Meyers


Lausanne World Pulse - Consensus-Driven Christians
The G8, the World Summit and How Understanding "Integral Mission" is Inspiring Evangelical Christians to Advocate with the Poor. Thousands of Christians seek to do Integral mission or holistic transformation which is the proclamation and demonstration of the gospel.