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Getting Close to a VIP - #6737
You'll know that you're becoming like Jesus when you start to lose your fascination with people who are powerful, or those who can do something for you. You're becoming like Jesus when you feel yourself wanting to be with the people He thinks are important; not the ones the world says are important. The ones the world sees as powerless and unimportant.

Homeless - a Christian perspective
Paul is arguably one of the most famous Christians of all time, and in 1 Corinthians he writes about how he was brutally treated and homeless. Even while in rags he preached the gospel.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Homeless Feeling - #8126
You don’t have to be without a home or a memory to need those same answers, “Who am I and who do I belong to?” Those soul questions are bottom-line for living a life that matters, and they’ve driven people to look in relationships and recognition and even religion to find answers, only to leave us still haunted by that homeless feeling.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Homeless No More - #4419
It's possible to be living in a mansion this Christmas, and yet to be homeless - in your heart. In our hearts, there is this homing instinct that keeps us looking for a love that will fill the hole in our heart, a relationship that will give us one safe and secure place in a lonely and disappointing world. But our lives are littered with the temporary "boxes" that we hoped would give our heart a home but never did.

Scavengers No More: Looking at Homelessness in Metro Manila
The author shares how investing in one homeless family in Manila impacted her entire worldview of those who are homeless.

CSM Nashville Highlight
Good food, good conversation, stellar entertainment. These are the makings for an amazing evening, by anyone’s standards. Who would expect to find these elements under a bridge?

CSM Chicago Highlight
Back in 2006 Chicago’s mayor Richard Daley announced a 10 year plan to end chronic homelessness. My first reaction to hearing that was, “Yeah right.” While I would love for the problem of homelessness to end here in Chicago, it seems like an insurmountable task to take on.

Doing Missions Doggie Style
Sometimes, mission trips are focused on painting walls that they miss the opportunity to tear one down—that being the wall that separates city from urban youth. That invisible partition that creates racial barriers and feeds stereotypes.