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Setting Captives Free
Are you a captive of persistent sin? Setting Captives Free can help you find the freedom you seek.

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True Woman Blog: What's the big deal with traditional marriage? Part 2
Although people have various reasons for where they come down on the issue of homosexuality, for me it is more about the nature of God than about sexual preference.

Gay Rights: A Summary of the Debate - Faith Facts
There are claims that the Bible does not really condemn homosexual behavior or that Jesus would not condemn this behavior. But let's look at what the Bible actually says.

Scripture Twisting: What the Bible Says About Homosexuality - Into Thy Word Ministries
Activists, repudiating the obvious meaning of Scripture, run the risk of the sin of unbelief.

How Should a Christian Respond to “Gay Marriage”? - Answers in Genesis
What does the Bible say about gay marriage? How should a Christian respond to this issue?

Door of Hope course at Setting Captives Free
This interactive course will teach you to enjoy a newfound relationship with the Lord and how to find complete freedom from homosexuality. It is possible, and you can learn how.

el homosexualismo
A simple Bible study on homosexuality in Spanish.