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Looking For Something Clean - #6400
Maybe you're short on credentials, but you hate the sin in you. You make a quick confession when you sin, and you try to run from tempting situations. Well, you know what? You're what God is looking for, because all He is looking for is something clean.


Houses in the Bible - a Christian perspective
In this passage, the Israelites are reminded that when they finally enter the promised land and are given houses and vineyards and olive trees that they did nothing to deserve, they should not forget the LORD their God.


Wise woman in the Bible - a Christian perspective
A wise woman is one who builds her household up, preparing for the future. By contrast, a foolish woman is only interested in tearing it down.


Dwelling in the Bible - a Christian perspective
The Bible often speaks of God as a refuge. This passage describes the act of making God your "dwelling," and promises that those who seek refuge there will be protected from harm.


"We will serve the Lord" in the Bible: Joshua 24:15
In the Old Testament, God demanded nothing short of total alliegence from the people of Israel. Joshua gives the people a choice: they can either serves their old gods, the Amorites gods or the one true God. He then says that as for himself and his house, he will serve the LORD.