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Delivering Nearly One Million Bibles and Scripture Portions to Katrina Victims
The American Bible Society’s response to the need for Bibles for Hurricane Katrina evacuees was swift and coordinated with churches and like-minded organizations throughout the United States Gulf Coast area.


On the Frontlines of Disaster: Operation Blessing a First Responder to the Hurting
The residents of the upper and lower ninth ward in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, never expected to hear the cracking sounds of the levee that gave way to the rushing floodwaters brought on by Hurricane Katrina. They never expected to smell the stench of corpses or see the debris-choked streets.


Lausanne World Pulse - Local Churches and Ministries Impacting Communities hit by Katrina
When Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) officials finally began to better assess the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina they were amazed by the mobilization of local churches. By Jarvis Ward


Lausanne World Pulse - Bibles Brighten Lives for Survivors of Hurrican Katrina
The American Bible Society (ABS) already has three quarters of a million Bibles and scripture portions for distribution to those who survived the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. By Roy Lloyd