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Today's devotional: overcoming life's impossible challenges
Are you faced with an impossible challenge in your life—a problem for which there simply is...

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Delivering Someone Else's Packages - #6765
I can row into this storm right now because God's power will be the difference, not mine. So, relax. Even if you're in the middle of mission impossible right now, God is getting the solution ready. All you have to do is be available to deliver someone else's package.

Moving Toward That Door - #6128
Like the Jews of old, you're being told by God, "It's time to move out." He's leading you out of your comfort zone. He's leading you into something bigger, better, and yes, more challenging.

Nothing is impossible with God - a Christian perspective
There's nothing that God can't do--even things which would be humanly impossible. In this passage, God promised to provide a child for a woman who was well past childbearing age. Just because it humans would consider that impossible didn't mean that God couldn't do it--and He did.

Impossible in the Bible: Luke 1:36-37
God isn't limited to what is humanly possible. The Bible is filled with stories of God taking actions that would be utterly impossible for any human to accomplish. When God makes a promise, we can trust that He'll come through, no matter how impossible the promise might sound to our ears.