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Don't Switch Channels - #6307
Right now, God is probably assigning someone to be your confronter. He does that because He loves you. You need one. Who is it? Are you listening even if the news is hard to take? Or do you leap to the defensive and you shut down if you don't like what you're hearing? Your confronters may or may not say it well. They may or may not have the right attitude. But they may have a point.


Incense - a Christian perspective
The psalmist writes of how he wish his prayers would be like incense to God. He writes that he desires the raising of his hands to be like an sacrifice to God.


Bible Concordance :: Incense
A collection of spices that is burned to worship God. Incense produces a sweet smell. The Bible teaches that the prayers of God's people are like incense to him. (Psalm 141:1-2; Revelation 8:1-5)