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Common Objections to Insider Movements
This is a short list of some of the common objections to an Insider Approach to ministry to Muslims


The Biblical Basis for the Insider Movement
Bible verses and quotations from commentaries that support the idea of an "insider" approach when ministering in the Muslim world.


Articles on the Insider Movement
Some classic articles related to the Insider Movement.


C1-C6 spectrum by John Travis
A basic summary of the C1-C6 spectrum.


Lausanne World Pulse - Insider Movements: A New Phrase for an Old Idea
The idea of "insider movement" is seeking to allow those of different backgrounds to decide how to live out their faith in their culture and context.


Lausanne World Pulse - Letting the Gospel Thrive on the Inside A Note on Insider Movements
Insider movements allow people who come to faith in Christ to remain in their families, castes and cultures rather than being pulled into something foreign.