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Fellowship International Mission

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Free ebook for church-based missions advocates and promoters
'Bringing the World to Your Church' is a valuable handbook to help mission advocates. Previously published as a paperback, it is now available as a free ebook download. It is full of valuable practical ideas. The only issue to be aware of – it was written before social networking came along, so you need to overlay its lessons with an understanding of how networking can leverage missions awareness in your church fellowship, as well as connect directly with missions staff and news from around the world.

International Prayer Guides
A series of guides to prayer, giving a brief paragraph about Bible work in a particular country. Each paragraph is a pointer to prayer, indicating areas that the national Society would like us to focus on--and that you can keep in your own daily prayers.

Biggest online behaviour research project
The largest ever global research project into people’s online activities and behavior has just been released by TNS Digital Life. Covering nearly 90 per cent of the world’s online population through 50,000 interviews with consumers in 46 countries, the study reveals major changes in the world’s online behavior.

Face to Face International :: Your Mission Trip Specialists
Under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, Face to Face International specializes in building world missions commitment by offering a wide variety of "face to face," short-term mission opportunities throughout the year.

FIM Missionaries by Field
Fellowship International Mission has over 150 missionaries in over 30 different countries around the world. This map will help you explore our influence for the gospel's sake throughout the world.