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That Life-Changing Limp - #6194
If God has given you a painful reminder of the futility of self-reliance, the price of sin, and the glory of His work in your life, then thank Him for it. Let the "limp" that God gave you when you wrestled with Him make you strong for the rest of your life!

Twelve Tribes - a Christian perspective
In this passage Jacob blesses each of his sons and their families. These were to be the twelve tribes of Israel.

Israelites in the Bible - a Christian perspective
The Israelites descended from Jacob. Jacob received the name Israel from an undercover angel after he wrestled with him. Israel means, he struggles with God.

Rachel - a Christian perspective
The story of Rachel's courtship. After working seven long years to earn the right to marry Rachel, Jacob was tricked into marrying her older sister Leah. Jacob was allowed to marry Rachel in the end, but only after pledging to work seven more years.

Issachar in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Leah's son, Reuben, picked some mandrakes for her one day. Rachel wanted them and Leah exchanged the Mandrakes in order to have the night with their shared husband, Jacob. She conceived and bore a son. They named him, Issachar, which translates as Reward.

Ladder in the Bible - a Christian perspective
The famous story of Jacob and the ladder to heaven. In his dream, Jacob saw the ladder and a host of angels descending it from heaven.

Birthright in the Bible - a Christian perspective
In this famous Old Testament story, Jacob convinces his brother Esau to give up his birthright. It was a foolish decision, and a testament to Esau's desperation and short-sightedness.

Funeral in the Bible - a Christian perspective
In this passage in Genesis we read of the funeral of Jacob, father to Joseph. Joseph followed all of the customs for a proper burial, including Jacob's request of a resting place.

Israel in the Bible: Genesis 32:28
After wrestling with God, Jacob is renamed "Israel." His descendants would go on to become a mighty nation blessed by God. Their story is told throughout the Old Testament.

Jacob in the Bible: Genesis 25:19-34
Jacob is one of the Old Testament's most colorful characters. We're first introduced to him and his brother Esau in this passage--and the tension between the two brothers is evident from the very beginning. Jacob's wily manner comes through in his bargaining with Esau over, of all things, a pot of stew.