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True Woman: Disabled but growing stronger
“My disability might not change, but because it has remained, it’s become the source—the place—in which God has changed me.”


True Woman: The Thorn of Depression . . . and Grace
In this video, Jennifer talks about a darkness we all struggle with—depression. She calls it normal, encourages us not to mask it, and tells us about our God who offers us the grace we need in the darkness.


True Woman Blog: Asking Why
Is there something painful in your life right now that you don’t think you deserve? Something that’s causing you to cry, “Why, God?”


True Woman Blog: Meet Jennifer Rothschild and Learn the Secret to Her Joy
Get to know Jennifer Rothschild—a woman who, despite her blindness—is marked by deep joy and trust in God.


True Woman Blog: Why such grace?
Jennifer Rothschild is blind, but it would only be a waste of time for you to feel sorry for her. Sure, there have been times when she has felt she’s “drowning in a Niagra of hopelessness.” But, she’s learned that blindness—and other difficult or tragic circumstances we all encounter—are not what define us. Rather, they refine us.


True Woman Blog: “Lessons Learned in the Dark”
"Blindness is one of those words like cancer, like divorce, like autism, like bankruptcy that we just don’t ever expect to hear, and we certainly don’t expect it to become our word . . ."


True Woman Blog: Stop Trying, Start Dying
“God uses us best when we try least to be needed by Him."


Revive Our Hearts: Lessons I Learned in the Dark
When Jennifer Rothschild was a teenager, she visited the doctor and heard a word she didn’t expect--blindness. Find out how that word affected her from that point forward.