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In the beginning was the Word - a Christian perspective
John opens his gospel with the words, in the beginning was the Word. The Word--in this passage--is Jesus. John lays out the case for Christ being the Son of God and begins by arguing that Jesus was present at the very beginning of it all.


Jesus is God - a Christian perspective
Jesus was fully man and fully God. No where is this more clear than when John the Baptist declares that Jesus is the Son of God and the Lamb of God.


Aren't all religions the same? Is Christ the only way to God? - Faith Facts
There are irreconcilable conflicts between Christianity and other religions. Christianity alone makes provision for man's basic need—the forgiveness of sin. Examine Jesus' claims of deity as well as examine Christianity's truth claims.


Is Jesus really God? - Faith Facts
Most people readily admit to Jesus' status as a great moral teacher. We submit that it is inconsistent to admit to Jesus' stature as a great teacher and not believe what he taught. Jesus taught His own deity. He claimed to be God and proved it through His resurrection. Read more....