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True Woman Blog: Introducing the first in a series of True Woman Videos
Every two weeks we’ll be releasing a new True Woman Video for you to enjoy and share with your friends. Today, be encouraged as you hear from John Piper, Nancy Leigh DeMoss, and several women like you that your womanhood was made for the glory of Christ!


Opportunities for Ministry for Women
Pastor John Piper suggests several areas of ministry where God delights to use women to serve Him and His church.


A Prayer for Women by John Piper
Pastor John Piper's earnest prayer and challenge for women.


Revive Our Hearts: Best of 2009
Reflect on God’s goodness over the past year as we revisit highlights from Revive Our Hearts. Messages from Nancy Leigh DeMoss, John Piper, and Rachel Barkey will give you biblical perspective for 2010.

http://reviveourhearts.com/topics/series.php?series=304&topic_name=General Christian Li...

Beautiful Faith of Fearless Submission
How many women resist God-given authority out of fear? If they stop promoting their own agendas, will they be taken advantage of? Pastor John Piper looks to 1 Peter for answers to these questions. He will show you how to live in courageous submission for God’s glory.


SermonIndex.net audio sermons: John Piper
Over 15,000 audio and video sermons available from sermonindex.net. They are all freely downloadable from the website and can be shared freely for the glory of God.