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Guilt Driven Justice
If we're honest with ourselves, many of us do acts of justice out of a sense of guilt. We see ads...

Should Christians Support the Death Penalty?
Capital punishment is considered only in the most extreme of cases, and even then, it's rarely...

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Are you ever tempted, when you read about a crisis in a faraway place or an injustice committed...

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Orphans in the Bible: Deuteronomy 24:17-22
Throughout the Bible, God's people are exhorted to care for the outcasts and rejected, and orphans certainly fit that description in the Biblical world. Here, the Israelites are commanded to make sure that justice is available even to the fatherless and foreigners.

Justice in the Bible: Exodus 23:1-8
This passage from Exodus emphasizes the twin aspects of justice and mercy. As we can see here, God's law in the Old Testament wasn't just about keeping people from sin. It asked people to actively work to create a just and merciful society, helping those in need and refraining from corruption and dishonesty.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Inc. - How to Get Justice When You've Been Hurt - #9177 | Radio Program | A Life That Matters
I’ve seen on the news…we’ve all seen way too many times, stunned and sobbing students, holding each other tightly, trying to cope with the unthinkable that just happened—another campus shooting. This one was the largest mass shooting in U. S. history—Virginia Tech, remember, 32 people killed. One was 19-year-old Mary Read, and on the day of her funeral, her father found her little red notebook, and he read her final entry at the funeral. She said, “When a deep injury is done us, we never recover until we forgive.”

Lausanne World Pulse - Charity and Justice
How Bono and a lawyer/pastor from Malawi led a call recently for justice and charity.

The Bible and Government - Faith Facts
Many people today reject the notion that the Bible should be used as a basis for law. "Narrow minded and outdated!" they say. Ideas have consequences. Let's examine the implications if the Bible, and ultimately God, is or is not the standard for society and its legal system.

Why can't I live my life as an agnostic? - Faith Facts
Of course one may live as an agnostic. But we hope to show the atheist or agnostic that without God, moral judgments or any type of ethics are meaningless. And if God exists, agnosticism is eternally unwise. Read more....

How can a loving God order people killed? - Faith Facts
In the Old Testament, God commanded the Israelites coming out of Egypt to take over the land of Canaan and kill all of the inhabitants. Shocking? Capricious? Justice? Take a closer look at the context and decide for yourself.

Lausanne World Pulse - Seeking Justice and Loving Mercy
Christians for Biblical Equality 2007 Conference: Christians gathered to explore the biblical foundations of gift-based ministry and the biblical and theological basis for gender justice and Christian service.

Bible Concordance :: Kingdom of God
God's rule over everything he has made. The kingdom of God comes when God removes evil and brings real peace and justice. The main subject of Jesus' teaching was the kingdom of God. By becoming a follower of Jesus, a person becomes part of the kingdom of God.

When is it OK to be angry?
How can I discern the difference between sinful anger and godly anger?