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Your Father Never Said You Could - #6284
We Bible folks have this way of dressing up sin rather than dealing with it. Saul learned that it doesn't work to put spiritual names on sin and religious words on rebellion. Oh, my kids learned not to put their father's name on something that their father didn't approve of. God's kids need to learn that about their Father.


Justify in the Bible - a Christian perspective
God's plan to justify His people through Jesus Christ stretches all the way back to the Old Testament. When God revealed Himself to Abraham, His words pointed to the salvation He would bring many centuries later.


Bible Concordance :: Justify
To declare righteous. Such a declaration says that a person is part of the community of God which actively seeks to restore God's creation to its original purpose. (Luke 18:9-14; Romans 3:21-31; Romans 4:25; Galatians 2:15-16)