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The Crown of English Bibles | Christian History Institute
The King James Version was the culmination of 200 turbulent years of Bible translation. From Christian history magazine.

Module 405: The King James Bible | Christian History Institute
Discussion and samples from the King James (Authorized) Version of the Bible.

Fear Not!
Search the King James Bible for the phrase "fear not".

Leonard Ravenhill : Baptism of Fire
I suppose most of us can quote John 3:16 without looking at it. How many of us can quote Luke 3:16? It’s the other side of the coin, it should be as well known. Well, here it is… in the good King James version...

Missing verses in the Bible?
There are verses found in the KJV which do not appear contemporary translations. Why? Visit this site for a clear understanding of this important Bible translation issue. [The words are in the footnotes, with the note that they occur in later manuscripts.]

Audio-Bible Welcome Page
You can listen to the entire KJV bible online.