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Latin America Mission

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Biblica Latin America
Biblica Latin America works in partnership with organizations like Compassion International, World Vision, the Salvation Army, and others to reach people across the spectrum of ministry needs.

Lausanne World Pulse - A Contribution from the Latin American Evangelical Churches
Seeking unified ecumenism in Evangelical Churches throughout Latin America.

Lausanne World Pulse - The Arts and Evangelism in Latin America
From their humble beginnings, ESCENERIO now reaches numerous Latin America countries for Christ with the arts.

LWP - The Ibero-American Church Is on its Way to the III Ibero-American Missions Congress
COMIBAM Internacional leads the move to have the Ibero-American Church become a sending force in Latin America and throughout the world. (Article also available in Spanish.)

Lausanne World Pulse - Friends of the Disabled in Latin America Impacting Many for Christ
Thousands of individuals with disabilities in Latin America have been blessed through the ministry of FRIDLA and others.

Lausanne World Pulse - Latin America Blessing the World
More than two thousand church and mission leaders from forty Latin American nations met for the third COMIBAM conference.

Lausanne World Pulse - A Mission Voice from Latin America: Partnering for World Mission
The Evangelical Church in Latin America is experiencing a unique missionary awakening in Protestant history. The poor are engaged in missionary activity and are investing their potential, talents, and resources in fulfilling the universal missionary call of the Church.

World Map || Latin America and Caribbean
A clickable map of Latin America and Caribbean that shows Jesus Film translation, Bible translation, and evangelism statistics.