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"Love the Lord your God" in the Bible: Matthew 22:36-40
The Old Testament contains many laws and rules, the most famous being the Ten Commandments. But Jesus said that all of those rules boiled down to two things: love God with all your heart, and love your neighbor as yourself. If our adherence to rules or commandments isn't producing these two things, we've missed the entire point.

Justified - a Christian perspective
Following the law can never justify us before God. But following Jesus brings the justification that legalism can never offer.

Condemnation in the Bible: Romans 8:1-2
Although we all deserve to be condemned for our sins, this passage reassures us that for anyone who believes in Jesus, there is no condemnation at all. Sin has lost its grip on our lives, and the law cannot condemn us.

Righteous in the Bible: Romans 3:1-31
Righteousness through faith is one of the core teachings of Christianity. This passage explains the relationship between righteousness and the law, and shows that it is not the law which produces righteousness, but faith in Jesus Christ.

Law in the BIble: Romans 2:17-29
This passage addresses questions raised by Jewish and other believers concerning the law--is it enough to obey God's law? We're told that righteousness (and our identity as believers) is not defined merely by adherence to an outward law, but by the condition of one's heart.

Blessings in the Bible: Deuteronomy 28:1-14
God is here describing for the Israelites the blessings and benefits that would spring from obedience to His word. While the particulars of these blessings are different now than they were in Old Testament times, the fact remains that spiritual blessings from God are a natural result of obedience to Him.

Justice in the Bible: Exodus 23:1-8
This passage from Exodus emphasizes the twin aspects of justice and mercy. As we can see here, God's law in the Old Testament wasn't just about keeping people from sin. It asked people to actively work to create a just and merciful society, helping those in need and refraining from corruption and dishonesty.

Freedom in the Bible: Psalm 119:45-48
One of the paradoxes of the Christian life is that we find true freedom when we surrender our lives to God's will. When we seek out God's will and devote ourselves to it, we find that sin and the law lose their grip on us and we are finally free to be fully human.

Module 403: Hugo Grotius | Christian History Institute
Biography of Hugo Grotius, Father of International Law, with excerpts from his Law of War and Peace, and discussion questions drawn from his arguments.

Romans 7: 7- 25 - Into Thy Word Ministries
One of the Big Christian questions is answered in this verse; does the law and the O.T. still apply to me? The answer is a yes and no...