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Setting Captives Free
Are you a captive of persistent sin? Setting Captives Free can help you find the freedom you seek.

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Idle hands - a Christian perspective
Laziness is not a godly trait. This proverb warns that laziness and idleness will result in disaster as your life (and your house) fall apart around you.

Laziness - a Christian perspective
This passage from Proverbs harshly condemns those who are lazy and slothful. Their refusal to act will be their undoing, when disaster strikes and they haven't bothered to prepare for it.

Laziness in the Bible: Proverbs 6:9
Laziness is not a characteristic of a Christ-follower, and here the "sluggard" is criticized for his lazy ways.

The Lord's Table overeating course at Setting Captives Free
Hope and freedom from overeating, emotional eating, and grazing - Jesus Christ can set us free! His mission of compassion was to mend broken hearts and free captives, which He is still doing today. You will learn to enjoy a newfound relationship with the Lord and find freedom from overeating.