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God Wins: A Look at the Mysteries of Revelation - Lew Vander Meer
God wins! That’s the message of Revelation. This video-based study of Revelation will open your eyes to stunning pictures of Jesus Christ walking among his churches, battling the evil one throughout history, winning the victory at Calvary, and returning in majesty and glory.

Rapture in the Bible: 1 Thessalonians 4:15-17
The Bible teaches that one day Jesus Christ will return to earth to gather his followers to heaven. Many Christians call this future event the "Rapture," and see this passage as a description of that moment.

Messages From Revelation
Fear and confusion tend to describe the way people look at the book of Revelation. This causes many to skip over it in favor of more "friendly" books of the Bible. It may surprise you to learn that Revelation is ultimately not about fear and destruction, but encouragement and inspiration!