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Dirty God: Jesus with the Lepers
The Bible teaches us that God “demonstrates his own love for us” (Rom. 5:8) in how he came to us in Jesus. He didn’t expect us to climb up to him. He climbed down to us. He got his hands dirty so that we could have our hearts cleaned. And by that example, he taught […]


A Thanksgiving Kind of Hero - #6229
You have Jesus. You have the good news that lives around you depend on. Are you keeping it to yourself? Whatever you're afraid of, whatever is keeping you from telling the people you know about your Jesus, can it possibly be as bad as letting them live and die without knowing their only hope? God has divinely prepared you to be the kind of person they'll listen to.


Leper - a Christian perspective
Leprosy was a terrible disease in Biblical times, and forced its victims out of their communities. Here, Jesus heals a group of lepers--but only one of them returns to thank him for taking mercy on them.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Soaking the Soaked - #5045
God can't be very happy with us when we just keep focusing on going to our Christian meetings, our committee meetings and our conferences, and our concerts. We listen to our Christian speakers and songs; we stay busy with our Christian schedule. Meanwhile, the spiritually destitute people are starving to death all around us just like those people back in the story of the four lepers. This is the day of Good News. We cannot hold our peace.