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Have you ever taken a sabbatical?
A sabbatical is an extended time of rest—modeled on the Sabbath day—in which you take...

Today's devotional: Want to change the world? Live like Christ
God's law, revealed in the Ten Commandments and throughout the Bible, is often caricatured as a...

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Heroic Ambassador
We can't let the spinning gerbil wheel of an overstuffed life ever make us forget who we are - we're on assignment from Heaven. To help people go there.

A Life That Matters - #6007
Learn to wake up each morning asking, "Who needs me today?" not "Who can meet my needs today?" There are people in your personal circle - people in your community - who desperately need someone to care. Be there for them. And remember, there is no greater difference you can make in someone's life than to introduce them to Jesus Christ and to take them to heaven with you!

Running Hard In The Wrong Direction - #2586
Could it be that some earth-stuff has become the central pursuit of your life? That's not what you were created to pursue. And right now Jesus is pursuing you, trying to intercept you as you run toward a goal that doesn't count. He's trying to get you turned around "to seek first His kingdom." He doesn't want the epitaph that goes with your name to be those two hollow words - "Wrong way."

Why it's Good to Go MAD - #3530
There is no greater difference you can make in the life of someone you care about than to help them change their eternal address - that means from hell to heaven. You do that when you let them know what Jesus did for you and can do for them. They will thank you forever for the difference you made!

10 Reasons To Believe That Christians Can Look Like They're Not
Followers of Christ sometimes fail to match the ideals of our own faith, or the expectations of a watching world. Still, is it possible to be a Christian, yet not act like it?

No Guesswork: Living to Please God
Have you ever wondered, God, what do you want from me? Imagine the frustration of being given a job, but no instructions on how to do it. Many people feel the same way with their faith in Christ. But God hasn't left us to guess at how to live for Him; He tells us plainly in the Bible.

Acts of worship - worshiping outside of church - FarsiPraise Blog
Thanksgiving (1 Thess. 5:18) Good works (Hebrew 13:16) Song (Psalms 40:3,; Ephesians 5:18-21; Psalms 69:30,31) Lift hands (Psalms 63:4; 1 Timothy 2:8) READ MORE...