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The Scholar’s Touch: Luke
Luke 1:3-4 "Since I myself have carefully investigated everything from the beginning, it seemed...

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Tuned To The Dispatcher - #2899
God is constantly planning heavenly convergences or divine bump-ins, or divine appointments. That's you converging with a person you need or who needs you, or with the resource you've been looking for, or with some Kingdom assignment God has for you. You're job is to be Spirit-moveable - responsive to those calls from Headquarters.

The Dark Side - #5924
Jesus asked a haunting question about all this in Luke 6:46. It's our word for today from the Word of God. He said, "Why do you call Me, 'Lord, Lord,' and do not do what I say?" If you got to your room tonight and found Jesus there, He might very well ask you that question. If He did, what areas of your life do you think He'd have in mind when He said, "You're not doing what I say"?

Fuel for Your Fire - #3133
Making your Father-time the anchor of your daily schedule will not only fuel your fire for the Lord, but also for the lost people He died to rescue. And you'll feel again the excitement of joining Him in His eternal rescue mission.

Everyday Heroes - #3517
An everyday person becomes a hero when he or she leaves where it's safe to rescue someone who's dying, and you've been positioned by God to do just that. Don't stay on the riverbank. Jump into the water and bring out someone you care about. There's a life at stake - forever.

Taking it to the Boss - #5922
Authority is really the decisive factor in getting anything done; putting it in the hands of the person who is in charge. Now that's a fundamental secret of getting things done when you pray! Those who understand that mountain-moving faith is about realizing who's in charge are people who pray with power and who get results.

The Shocking View Through 4-D Glasses - #3456
People Jesus died for so they could be rescued from all this - people who may never know Jesus unless you introduce them to Him. He has positioned you in their life to be their rescuer. Once you see what Jesus sees, you'll rescue the dying, whatever it takes!

Stocks, Profits, And Other Exciting Roller Coasters - #3734
The "roller coaster" you've ridden lately may actually be a wakeup call from God - to turn you from what can never be secure to an anchor relationship with Him that you can never lose. There may be more ups and downs - but you're headed into your future, anchored to the never-leave-you love of Jesus Christ - and knowing that this ride ends in His arms.

The Race To Save Lives - #3733
Every day they live without Christ, they move one step closer to an eternity without Him. But you're there. And you have the serum. You have nothing more important to do with the rest of your life than to deliver life to those who will die if you don't.

Indisputable Orders - #3700
The issue of authority was very clear on the fictional Starship Enterprise. The issue of authority is even clearer in your non-fictional Starship Life. And authority is the defining issue in every situation you face that is beyond your control - maybe like the one you're in right now. And there is no question about who's in charge.

The Missing Person On Your Journey - #3724
The Bible indicates that many people - especially those who've been around Christian things a lot - are in danger of making this same deadly mistake. Like our daughter in that grocery store, they are going on without the Person they need to lead them - and they're ending up lost.