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Revive Our Hearts: Love and Respect: An Interview with Dr. Emerson Eggerichs
What would you do if you had the power to change your marriage in ways beyond your imagination? Nancy welcomes pastor and author Emerson Eggerich to discuss the secret to cracking the communication code between husbands and wives. Learn how to give your husband the respect he longs for, and to reap the benefits of marriage as God intended.


Breath of New Life
Everywhere you look, marriages and families are falling apart. This week Nancy teaches from 2 Kings 4 to point us to God to redeem and rescue seemingly hopeless situations and to help us know how to reach out to hurting families.


Rising Above Difficult Relationships
Get godly counsel on marriage as Holly Elliff joins Nancy to talk about issues that women in difficult marriage face and gives encouragement to all women to act biblical in every situation.


Liberated Through Submission: An Interview with Bunny Wilson
Society has scared women into thinking that submission to their husbands will lead to abuse and disrespect. Nancy and author of Liberated Through Submission, Bunny Wilson, discuss how submission is for everyone, and why it leads to true freedom and joy.